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Fluoride Myths Debunked

One of the biggest controversies within the dental care profession is fluoride. The naturally-occurring mineral is a form of the element fluorine and is used for medicinal purposes. It was added to drinking water in 1945 to help prevent tooth decay, and remains a common toothpaste ingredient. Fluoride treatments are also available at your local dentist office.

The talented team at Lowitz, Meier & Layer in Cincinnati, OH, is always ready to debunk dental care myths, including those surrounding fluoride. Check out some of the most common fluoride myths before scheduling your next appointment with the Cincinnati family dentistry facility:

  • Fluoride Causes Cancer: There’s currently no scientific evidence that indicates fluoride causes cancer or other diseases. Various levels of fluoride in toothpaste, water, and salt over the last 70 years have resulted in no more than dental fluorosis, a type of staining and mottling.
  • Fluoride Has No Place In Drinking Water: The mineral occurs naturally in water, though not at levels high enough to protect teeth from decay. It exists in nearly all water supplies, including bottled water.
  • Fluoride Is Banned In Europe: The European Union has not banned the use of fluoride in drinking water. However, fluoridation is not sufficient enough in most European countries due to water system design flaws.
  • Fluoride Isn’t Safe For Babies & Young Children: According to the American Dental Association, fluoridated water is safe to mix with infant formula and chances of dental fluorosis occurring in children is low.

Fluoride has shown to effectively combat tooth decay in many studies over the last 50 years. While too much of the mineral can result in bone deformities, the Environmental Protection Agency sets the drinking water limit at 4 mg.

For more on dental care services available through your local dentist office, please contact Lowitz, Meier & Layer today. Call (513) 521-8900 or visit the website.

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